Food You Should Try in Pullman

The Emerald Chinese Restaurant

by Sisi Wang

Have you every tried Pullman’s most popular food? The Emerald Chinese Restaurant in Pullman is a great choice.

The Emerald Chinese Restaurant has opened for more than 20 years, it is located at 1140 N. Grand Ave. The restaurant open for seven days a week, from 10:30 a.m to 10:30 p.m., never take a rest.

The Emerald Chinese Restaurant manager said they move to Pullman 20 years ago. In order to find a job for living, they realized open a Chinese restaurant is a great idea, because food is people’s energy source. Aren’t like western food, Chinese food have many different cooking style with different tastes. People who love Chinese food will be pleased to have a Chinese restaurant in town, meanwhile people who never tried Chinese food may fall in love with it after they tried.

“How can we made our food tasty is our goal and this is the reason that our restaurant last longer,” The Emerald Chinese Restaurant manager said. “None of the business is easy to do, for food business we have to offer our customers the best fresh food.”

The Emerald Chinese Restaurant have two versions of menu, one is westernized and the other one is more Chinese. Not so many people can accepted Chinese food at the first time, so we offers some westernized food, The Emerald Chinese Restaurant manager said.

People who want to eat traditional Chinese food would like to order from their Chinese menu. They offers different type of Chinese specialties, from north China to south China. For example: hot spicy chicken, sliced fish in hot oil, spicy roast beef, special fried rice, beef stewed, roast duck, these are chef recommend.

Customers who do not want to eat in store can also view their menu on their Facebook page, and order for home delivery. For more information about The Emerald Chinese Restaurant, please check their Facebook page:

Cici’s Kitchen

by Jenny Huang

Recently, Cici’s kitchen became famous for its delicious Taiwanese breads that utilize Tangzhong method.

Located in Pullman, Cici’s kitchen takes orders every day. It is also in Moscow Farmer’s Market every Staurday from 8 a.m to 1 p.m.

Cici’s kitchen, started by Cecilia Chen, just opened last year. She was a graduate student at Washington State University. She fell in love with baking when she came to America two years ago and began her pastry journey. At first, she baked western desserts. Then, she missed her home country, Taiwan, and she found that no one around here baked Chinese desserts, so she decided to try.

“It was hard because they were two different categories, but I enjoyed it.” said Cecilia.

Cici’s kitchen is famous for its Taiwanese Breads. Taiwanese Bread is a kind of bread soft that is like a pillow. It uses a bread making technique called Tangzhong (湯種) or water roux method which made popular by the Japanese then widely adopted by Taiwanese.

The Tangzhong method lies in the creation of a “bread starter” by cooking the bread flour and water mixture until it reaches the temperature of 65° C. This 65° C bread starter increases the moisture absorption of the typical dough and hence produces soft, light, and pillowy bread.

Cici’s Kitchen uses the Tangzhong method to make the Taiwanese Bread which makes the bread stay fresh without the use of any preservatives.

Cici’s kitchen has not had a physical restaurant yet, but customers can either take order online order or visit it in Moscow Farmer’s Market. For more information about Cici’s kitchen, please visit:

South Fork Public House

by Anna Sidor

If you have not yet dined at South Fork Public House restaurant you are seriously missing out! As a frequent customer at South Fork I have had nothing but good experiences and would recommend it to everyone.

The restaurant is not only exquisite but tasty. Waitress, Shelby Lynn Mastroianni, truly enjoys the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as working for the business.

“I really like working there, the business is very successful and has a family fun atmosphere,” Shelby said. “It is all about customer service,” she added.

The menu provides all types of different dishes from Mac & Cheese to Rib Eye to Fish and Chips and more.  It also entails categories such as; starters, soups and salads, sandwiches and burgers, entrees, desserts, and weekly specials.

One of the most favored entrées at South Fork is the Mac & Cheese ($11.50), identified as the comfort food for grown-up-tastes. This delicious entrée is made with Penne noodles, tossed in Cougar Gold cheese sauce and topped with bacon and scallions. This dish is popular with the ladies especially! The Cougar Gold cheese is purchased from Washington State University and used in several dishes. The Prime Rib Sandwich ($12), also a commonly favored dish, is put together with juicy prime rib stacked high on a baguette, topped with melted Swiss Cheese and caramelized onions, and served with tyme-infused Au Jus.

Aside from the original menu South Fork provides a gluten free menu. They even have gluten free buns!

“Which everyone freaks out about,” Shelby added.

Not only is South Fork a restaurant, it also holds a Bar.  What is unique about their wine is that every bottle of wine is purchased from a Washington State University connects, whether it is an alumni or a winery that is affiliated with WSU. This is referred to as “Wine by Cougars”.

Jim Harbour, owner of South Fork, truly cares most about customers being happy and the success of his business reflects that. South Fork is located at 1680 South Grand in Pullman, WA. For more information about South Fork Public House, please visit their website at and join them on Facebook for their latest specials and events.

South Fork Public House

by Gena Ragsdale

If you are looking for a great place to eat with your family or even somewhere for a more formal occasion, South Fork is the place to go.

Located in Pullman, Wash. close to the Washington State University campus, South Fork is one of the more popular restaurants. South Fork has been in business for three years and is open daily at 11:30 a.m.

The casual but fun atmosphere of South Fork makes it great for any occasion. The restaurant is decorated in earthy tones and has low lighting which creates a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The bar is located in the center of the restaurant and not only holds seasonal beer tastings but also has a great view of flat screen TVs to watch the Coug game.

South Fork has a secluded room on the right side of the restaurant for larger groups. This makes it easier for groups to talk to each other without worrying about noise and to keep large groups all together. I have personally been seated in this room for dinner before my sorority’s formal and never once felt ignored by an employee.

Co-owner Jim Harbour said that he loves treating his employees to meals to get to know them because he genuinely cares about everyone who works for him.

“Since South Fork is so successful, we really have time to focus all of our energy on customer service and making sure everyone’s happy and taken care of,” waitress Emily Marriott, said.

During the summertime, South Fork utilizes outdoor patio seating. The patio has lights so that people can still dine outside for dinner, and heating lamps for when it starts getting cooler at night.

The newest extension of South Fork is their food truck. This truck drives around Pullman and is a great way to try their food if you have never gotten the chance to get over to it.

For more information or to make reservations, you can visit or call (509) 332-FORK.

Golden Teriyaki

by Zhong Dong

Recently, Golden Teriyaki became famous for its delicious Chinese food that utilizes traditional Chinese cooking style. If you love international food, Golden Teriyaki is a wonderful choice!

Golden Teriyaki takes orders every day from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.; it is located at 1285 N Grand Ave, Pullman, WA.

The restaurant is not only beautiful but also tasty. Manager, Loi Lam, truly enjoys working for customers. Loi opened his restaurant eight years ago; he made the Chinese food not greasy in order to attract people from many different countries. Loi made a new Chinese food “revolution” by the taste of sour, sweet, bitter and hot, which will attract people not only from America but also from all over the world.

“I really like working here, we offer the least expensive price in Pullman,” Loi said. “We are passionate and we have the greatest customer service,” he added.

Golden Teriyaki provides all types of different dishes from beef to chicken to pork to fish and more. You can enjoy all kinds of popular Chinese food such as Black Bean Fish, Water Cooked Fish, Teriyaki Ribs, Beef Hot Pot, Mapo tofu, Seafood Hot Pot, Salt Pepper Prawn and so on. Golden Teriyaki is famous for its Szechuan Beef.

Szechuan Beef is a kind of beef that taste spicy and sweet; it is made of sirloin steak, Chinese cabbage, minced ginger, scallions, sweet bean sauce, chili sauce, Chinese rice wine, dry sherry, sugar, salt, roasted Szechuan peppercorn and oil for stir-frying. Wherever you from, you will enjoy the Szechuan beef by its special taste.

Customers who do not want to eat in restaurant can order for home delivery. Golden Teriyaki does not have a home website but you can feel free to call (509) 332-1018 to ask for menu and delivery. For more information, please visit: